Harper's Highlands

Licensed Growers of Recreational Cannabis (Oregon)

Harper’s Highlands is proud to be a pioneer in the legal recreational cannabis industry in the State of Oregon.

One of the first licensed producers in the state, we did not rush to market. From the start we built our growing operation around new concepts, techniques, technology and scientific principles to ensure a potent, consistent, environmentally responsible and extremely enjoyable product. This meant more investment of time and resources, and a more time consuming process before our first release was ready for you.

Mountain View from the farm

Through our partnerships with custom soil manufacturers, testing labs and feedback from dispensaries and end-users, we continue to improve and  offer Harper Highland’s consumers only the best legal recreational cannabis you will find anywhere.

Ask your local Oregon cannabis dispensary for Harper’s Highlands and experience the difference for yourself.

*Sale and use of recreational cannabis in Oregon is regulated by state law and available only through licensed dispensaries. Harper’s Highiands does not supply our products directly to end users. Enjoy responsibly!